The creative mind behind Bars Productions belongs to Producer/Director Wael Bitar. Born and raised in Lebanon, the Jewel of the Middle East, he began his journey of creativity at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, only to unveil the artist in him. Worked as a camera assistant and then as a camera operator, on several National and International Projects.

His cultural and educational background provided him with a flexibly imaginative mind, allowing him to see from a different angle, with a new perspective, and an extraordinary vision.
To Wael, the camera isn't a tool. It's the brush with which he paints his most beautiful pieces and the hammer with which he shapes his sculpture. His passion to television has crippled him from pursuing any alternative path, as it complimented his goals and drew his dreams.

Wael moved to the United States in 2002 and completed a degree in Communications and Broadcasting at the St. Louis Community College, while at the same time, expanding his working experience as a producer for CITY TV 10.

Provided you will find a variety of pieces from Wael's portfolio, only to long for his beautifully exquisite work, and which his magic reaches and enlightens you.