Blue December by Zlatko Ćosić - Chameleon Lamp at Angad Arts Hotel

VIDEO INSTALLATIONS by Zlatko Ćosić, Angad Arts Hotel, Grand Center Art District, St. Louis


The signature video art installation at Angad Arts Hotel is the Chameleon Lamp located in the Chameleon Lounge of the hotel’s lobby. The Chameleon Lamp Video Art Project is curated by video artist Zlatko Ćosić and features work by local artists Van McElwee, Anna Minx, William Morris and Natalie Rainer, together with various videos by Ćosić specifically created for this project. 360 degree illustrations by kozyndan are animated by Ćosić and adapted for the Chameleon Lamp. Choreographer and dancer, Audrey Simes, collaborated with Ćosić in the creation of a variety of performance videos inspired by the unique format of the Chameleon Lamp.

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UP DOWN Series (Faces)  by Zlatko Ćosić at Angad Arts Hotel
UP DOWN Series (Faces) - AAH Elevators

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