PUBLIC PROJECTIONS: "Marshall McLuhan Meets Josephine Baker”

First Night in Grand Center
The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
December 31, 2004

"Marshall McLuhan Meets Josephine Baker” is a video installation about information culture and loss of identity. This video collage is constructed out of images and text from Marshall McLuhan’s groundbreaking work "The Mechanical Bride" and out of documents from the Josephine Baker FBI file. Together McLuhan’s book and the Baker “dossier” tell a story of art, politics, race, and media power that reverberates with some of the most important themes of 20th-century America.

"The Mechanical Bride", now recognized as a book that predicted the cultural and social dislocation of the information age, was conceived and partially drafted just a short walk from St. Louis’s Grand Center. Josephine Baker’s 400-page surveillance dossier is prefaced again and again with the words “she was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1906, daughter of a St. Louis washer woman”.

This twenty-five minute looping video is produced by Paul Guzzardo and Zlatko Cosic, and will be projected on the Pulitzer Foundation.

Projections - The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

:: Marshall McLuhan Meets Josephine Baker
:: Mechanical Bride - projection 1
:: Josephine Baker - projection 1
:: Josephine Baker - projection 2

Video for projections

:: Mechanical Bride
:: JEH - binoculars
:: JEH - game board
:: JEH - lips
:: JB - files

Paul Guzzardo's work examines how broadband information networks can be integrated / graphed into "the urban streetscape". He is the founder of MediaARTS Lab and the author and assembler of SECRET, a multimedia play which opens in St. Louis in February.

Zlatko Cosic is a multimedia producer, editor, and designer. He has worked in many multimedia
performance genres: The Soul of the Rock, Mary's Dream, SECRET. He also directed, shot, and edited numerous short movies such as Zone and Underwater which are being shown in film festivals in the United States and in Europe. His multimedia production company EYE PRODUCTION
collaborated with Krzysztof Wodiczko in the production of Wodiczko's The St. Louis Projection.

produced by
Paul Guzzardo
Zlatko Cosic

edited by
Zlatko Cosic
Brett Murphy
Alan Brunettin
First Night Grand Center
The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
Celebrate 2004 
music by
Paul Davis
Chip Price
Philip Lynch
Darren Owens
Hamis Mhando
with assistance from
Sung Ho Kim
Heather Woofter
Matt Bauer
Eric Friedman
MediaARTS Lab

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