John Consiglio first picked up a guitar at age thirteen. He went on to form legendary St. Louis bands, The Oozkicks (who opened for Iggy Pop as high school sophomores) and A Perfect Fit, one of the first all-original bands to crack the local club scene influencing a generation of young St. Louis artists including The Urge. John graduated from Webster University in 1990 with a B.A. in audio engineering. He had courses there with composer Tom Hamilton, composer Ken Stallings and video artist Van McElwee.

John began studying music more systematically in the mid-nineties becoming more and more interested in modern classical and experimental music. He began composing modern classical pieces in 1998 and recording experimental electronic pieces in 1999. His latest work is very exciting indeed encompassing many of his main musical interests - chance, indeterminacy, improvisation, noise, micro-tonality and simultaneity.

John is currently working on a series of pieces employing prepared-table-top acoustic guitar, table-top electric guitar/feedback loop, short-wave radio, found sound, etc. These austere but colorful pieces call to mind the hushed sonorities of Anton Webern and Morton Feldman. On the other hand there are moments of wild abandon that recall the work of John Cage and Jimi Hendrix.

John has worked with musicians Dominic Schaeffer, Pat Malecek, Jeff Herschel, Kristeen Young, Chris Sauer, Angelo Ranzini, Joe Longi, Tom Meyer, Eric Svoboda and New Music Circle as well as video artists Van McElwee, Roy Zurick and Zlatko Cosic contributing music to Zlatko's short films, "Zone," "Touch," "Bulbs," and "Wings." John has participated in Digital Circles and The 60 x 60 Music Project and he recently contributed music and sound design to the play Closet Land directed by Michelle Rebollo. John is currently playing in the rock band Black Market Peace.

"A variety of experience comes together in Black Market Peace" by Thomas Crone
St. Louis Beacon, Feb. 19, 2010

:: Carnival
:: Equinox 1
:: Oceana 1
:: Live Rig test 1

:: Trope
:: Sarajevo: City    Symphony
:: Urban Green
:: Wings
:: Bulbs
:: Touch
:: Zone
:: Visual Music Improv
:: Anarchitexture

:: Only The Chimney Stays

:: Closet Land
:: Macbeth