Southwestern Illinois College
Learning Resources

5-7 seconds of narration:
“Not all learning takes place in the classroom. Some students need alternatives to such as telecourses, online and interactive classes, and computer labs.”

Learning Resources provides the resources, services, and facilities, ranging from the library to computer labs, necessary to support and complement the college curriculum.

Distance Learning - The Distance Learning Technologies program includes Telecourses, Interactive Video courses, and online instruction.

Library - Books, periodicals and study resources are available for student and community use, as well as open computer labs with Internet access and quite study and reading areas.

• Computer Labs - Various Computer Labs with internet access are located in the Information Sciences Building and the Main Complex free for student use on class projects and homework.

• “Smart “ Classroom - “Smart” Classroom are equipped with white board projection screens and computers with Internet connections so instructors can access information online for classroom use.